Services Terms:

Signature or receipt of deposit will confirm acceptance of an estimate and commitment to pay in full within 7 days of equipment commissioning.

Once a 50% deposit is received, we will issue the first available appointment. Once the HVAC work is completed (excluding mains electrical) the remainder of balance is due within 7 days.

It is understood that an estimate is not a contract or quotation and maybe subject to variations yet unknown. If prices change or additional parts are required, we will inform you prior to proceeding with the work. All written quotations will automatically expire within 60 days from the date of the document. Customers agree to pay for all services rendered and material or parts supplied at the current rates and prices in effect at the time the services are performed.

We warrant that we will provide the services with reasonable skill and care of a competent HVAC Technician. We provide a 1 year labor warranty of workmanship for installations, for repairs we cannot provide any warranty on as it is specifically understood that we have not had a previous opportunity to inspect the totality of the system, the equipment, or the maintenance records and that the work must be done immediately.

Any installation that re-uses existing pipework and/or communications wires can NOT be warranted against failure, as it is specifically understood that we have not been able to inspect the totality of buried material.

Unless clearly specified an estimate does not include any masonry, trench work, drywall, finish work & mains electrical wiring. Any extra work as stated, can be provided upon request at cost and charge rates or by written estimate.

Full payment of services must have been received before any warranty claim is processed.

Late payment fees for services rendered will be at 1% per month, subject to a $5 per month minimum. In the event we must commence legal action in order to enforce our rights under this agreement, customers will be liable for all court costs and attorney’s fees that have been incurred.

Maintenance Plans:

Maintenance Plan is reviewed on a regular basis, if we find that the plan hours are excess to your needs we will advise and reduce the plan cost to align. Similarly if the plan hours are not enough we will recommend an increase in the plan to suit your individual requirements.

Maintenance services are paid for on a completed visit basis, no visit, no fee. The contract/plan pricing is good for 60 days and the agreement will remain in effect for subsequent periods, until either party cancels with 60 days written notification.

Maintenance plans have a minimum of two visits per annum obligation. The company reserves the right to withdraw the benefits of a plan if the client is unable to fulfill this obligation.

All materials used in the maintenance are charged additionally. Any work beyond the maintenance scope will require prior authorization from the payee/client and will be billed separately.
Due care will be taken to avoid any damage to property however it is the client’s responsibility to remove all personal items from the working area. If we are required to move personal property for access we are not liable for any damages.

Late payment fees for services rendered will be at 1% per month, subject to a $5 per month minimum. Cold Snap Services ltd reserves the right to cancel a plan where payment is overdue by more than 60 Days. In the event we must commence legal action in order to enforce our rights under this agreement, customers will be liable for all court costs and attorney’s fees that have been incurred.

Equipment Warranty:

We warrant the equipment sold to you under the service provision will function in accordance with any documentation and manufacturers guidelines. For any replacement parts or items of equipment installed during services provided we extend the benefits of any warranty we have received from the manufacturer. Removal and reinstallation of any equipment or materials repaired or replaced under manufacturer’s warranty will be at the customers expense and
at the rates in effect.

GREE Warranty:

Parts are warranted for a period of five (5) years and compressor for a period of 7 years to the original end-user of this system, if a part fails due to defect during the applicable warranty period the company will provide a replacement part at no charge.. These limited warranties are subject to the following provisions:

– The system must have a proven active routine maintenance agreement, any issues arising from a lack of maintenance will NOT be covered by the warranty.
– The system MUST have been properly installed by a certified and licensed contractor in accordance with GREE installation and operation instructions.
– Warranty only applies to systems remaining in their original installation location.
– Defective parts must be returned to HVAC Shack Ltd before a new replacement part will be issued.
– Gree equipment requires a good grounding conductor (Earth point) for the correct operation of the electrical system. It is assumed that all buildings we install in have a good quality ground as per local code. Any issues arising from a faulty building ground cannot be covered by warranty.

Warranty replacement of electronic boards or components on a Gree system will require a functioning surge protector to be fitted at cost to the customer for any future warranty to be considered.

Unopened merchandise sold by HVAC Shack Ltd can be returned within 3 days of purchase, there are NO returns on opened packages.

General Conditions:

Any costs incurred for service, maintenance, repair, removing, replacing, installing, complying with local building and electric codes, shipping or handling of parts, or replacement of the system due to natural disaster, or acts of nature are not covered by warranty.
Any legal action against Cold Snap Services Ltd relating to these conditions, or breach thereof, shall be commenced within one (1) year from the date of the work.