U-Match Series

Stable consistent climate control

Gree’s U-Match Inverter Heat Pump is the next generation of outdoor climate control technology.  U-Match provides a variety of indoor units offering the freedom to select the best-tailored solution for differing commercial applications.  The Ceiling Cassette, Slim Duct, and the Floor/Ceiling Units are powerfully and adaptably engineered to meet individual business needs.  These environmentally friendly, energy efficient units come in various sizes to match a wide range of climate control challenges. The Inverter Heat Pump reduces outdoor noise down to a hushed 56 decibels while delivering powerful and efficient performance.  It also eliminates the outdated stop-start methods of the typical fixed speed outdoor unit.

Protected by a heavy gauge steel cabinet and equipped with multi point diagnostics, the U-Match Inverter Heat Pump can cool any space down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit or -15 Celsius.  R410A refrigerant makes the U-Match Inverter Heat Pump the green option for today’s business owner.

The impressive range and capabilities of the U-Match Inverter Heat Pump’s G10 inverter technology, and its variable speed compressor provide powerful and stable climate control for a wide variety of commercial applications.

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