Livo LX

Livo LX new, powerful comfort for ductless today’s lifestyles. Quiet, efficient and oh-so-sophisticated.

Slim, stylish and elegant, the new Livo LX high wall units are the latest addition to the Gree comfort family. These 18-SEER heat pump systems are built around Gree’s G10 Inverter and variable x=compressor technology, using environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant.

Each Livo LX mini split indoor unit is designed to heat and cool a single room, and will blend seamlessly into any decor. The unobtrusive front panel features a virtually hidden digital LED display, and the unit operates quietly, day after day.

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Introducing Sapphire, the ultra high-efficiency smart ductless split system from Gree, one of the world’s most trusted HVAC manufacturers.

You can keep any room comfortable without sacrificing aesthetics. The quiet, unobtrusive design delivers advanced performance with an industry-best energy efficiency rating of up to 38 SEER in cooling and 15.0 HSPF in heating.

The Sapphire provides ULTRA Heating technology to keep you reliably warm when temperatures drop as low as -22°F.

Universal WIFI technology makes operation simple – enjoy direct control from your smartphone using the GREE+ app.

Unparalleled efficiency and technology make Sapphire the perfect choice for any home or office.

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Innovation and efficiency to flexibly suit multiple rooms.

One of today’s most advanced inverter-driven ductless heat pump systems, our acclaimed Multi21+ systems will facilitates multiple room continuity for both heating and cooling. The Multi21+ zone system is a synthesis of indoor units that can be mixed and matched for use in up to five zones – ideal for residential and light commercial application.

Ecologically engineered to achieve up to 22 SEER, the Multi21+ operates with G-10 inverter technology that significantly reduces energy consumption by adjusting the compressor speed according to the total building load. Eco-friendly by design, the Multi21+ uses friendly R401A refrigerant. The Multi21+’s intelligent engineering means a high-efficiency system with world-class performance that provides comfort, uncompromising personal style, and tremendous energy savings.

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Specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of hospitality, healthcare and specialty residential installations.

The E-TAC delivers enhanced functionality with superior energy efficiency. Features include a dry mode, pre-programmed setpoint limits and a bi-fan motor configuration which allows for whisper quiet sound levels while achieving the highest level of energy efficiency. The E-TAC II is GREE’s most energy efficient PTAC model with EER ratings up to 12.2 EER. Ranging from 9000 to 15000 BTUs, the E-TAC Series is the ideal choice for superior performance and energy savings.

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